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Name: Mohamed El-Sayed Habos

Date of birth: 7/5/1964

Address: Sharm International Hospital, Shram, Egypt.

Military Service: completed

Nationality: Egyptian

Marital status: Married +4


  • (M.B.Ch.), Ain Shams Univ., Ain Shams, Egypt., Dec. 1988 with a degree of Good).

  • Msc. General surgery and Urology, El-Azehar Univ., 1997 with a degree of Good.

  • Member of Egyptian Urological Association (EUA) since March 1992.

Experience and residency:

  • From 1/3/1989 to 28/2/1990 as House officer Ain Shams university hospital.

  • From 15/4/1990 to 1/6/1991 as a general practioner in Kassasin military hospital.

  • From 2/6/1991 to 10/6/1997 a Urology and artificial kidney resident in Zigazig university hospital.

  • Assistant for the general manager of Zagazig general Hospital for administration affairs (administrative resident) form June 1992 to Feb1995.

  • Starting from 10/6/1997 as Urology specialist In Abu Hamad central hospital.

Present job:

  • Urology specialist in Sharm International Hospital from 17/7/1999 till now with experience in dealing with all kinds  of nationalities.

  • Manager of out patient clinics and assistant for general Manager of Sharm International Hospital since 20/1/2001 till now.











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